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A white rabbit crossed the ocean from Kino Island to the mainland at Inaba by using the backs of sharks as stepping stones and thus appeared to be running over the tops of the waves. This story became the theme of a Noh song that translates roughly, "While the moon floats over the ocean, a rabbit runs over the waves--what interesting island scenery".

A white rabbit crossed the ocean from Kino Island to the mainland at Inaba by…

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Japanese Tenugui Pattern even can convey seasonal greetings! 中秋節快樂! Have a happy Moon Cake Festival!

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Rabbits Under Moon Panel Rabbits and bright golden yellow moon/ flowers on indigo metallic gold outlines-Japanese fabric panel-sides are raw edges. Moon: In Japanese folklore, the rabbit (usagi) resides on the moon.

Japanese Koi Carp Waterfall Noren Designed by Rakushian of Kyoto | eBay

Japanese Koi Carp & Waterfall Noren: Designed By Rakushian of Kyoto

JAPANESE NOREN | Japanese-Door-Curtain-Noren-Fire-proof-Seven-Lucky-Rabbit-Blue-Made-in ...

Japanese Door Curtain 'Noren' Fire-proof, Seven Lucky Rabbit Blue, Made in Japan

JAPANESE NOREN | Japanese-Door-Curtain-Noren-Fire-proof-Seven-Lucky-Rabbit-Blue-Made-in ...

Tenugui Japanese Fabric 'Bunny in the Cherry by kyotocollection, $16.00

"Bunny in the Cherry Tree" Tenugui A white bunny leaping through a field of flowers. But don't miss the other little bunnies hiding in the design!