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★ to the stars who listen ★

what a beautiful relationship dynamic rhys.what a beautiful man feyre.what a beautiful girl i just wanna die someone help me



Hahaha Cassian x Nesta

me: *leans in and whispers in Nesta’s ear* impressive wingspan

Cassian and Nesta

Cassian and Nesta

Varian and Amren

Varian and Amren A Court of Wings and Ruin Sarah J Maas

By Sallteas: Feyre and Rhys

sallteas: “ it’s been awhile since i’ve drawn my nightcourt babes! when will rhys actually look at the camera for once when they take a picture and not at feyre? the answer is never.

Nesta and Cassian, drawn in ink.

lizthefangirl: “Nesta and Cassian, drawn in ink. ” this can't be Nesta cause her ears aren't pointed like Elain or Feyre