Exerpts from a book I'll never write it my new obsession - because I WILL write a book and this has just fueled me! Sorry for all the pins tonight!

Excerpt from a book ill never write

Wish he would tell me this but instead he left me for someone else after telling me I was his beautiful diamond that he loved me and no one would replace me

How we let people go

Damn, I felt that shit in my bones! forgive + accept that you need to move on in your life - do what is best for you + let them do what is best for them

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I really meaned. I feel so in love with you, that you have to stop with mixed signals. I give you a permission for kiss. I know I am a bad girl. God bless us please.

Hope he's happy with her . But that's more than enough for me. For you to know I still love you Sampath

I find you in the smallest of things. hearing someone vaguely talk about your favorite sport, or looking at the ocean at its bluest. trying to find you in the largest of crowds just to find you. I'm broken and only you can fix me.

This gave me chills..You turned around and left that's the last time i ever saw you

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