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Truth, pretty

But sometimes those pretty words can cut deep in your heart while the true words just opens up your eyes.

Face your problems; face your fear.

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And then a bad week and on and on and one ruined lifetime ...

Don't ruin today's good mood by remembering yesterday's bad one. Accept what was yesterday; accept what was today; don't worry about tomorrow: quotes, let go,

No matter what u can do anything. Fight for what u believe in. Oh and by the way U CAN DO ANYTHING:)

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A lie. One little white lie. You didn't lie and say "no, you don't look fat", even that is against best friend code. You always tell the truth to your bestie.

Better be slapped with the truth than kissed with a lie! And the truth is: the Novus Ordo Sect IS NOT THE CATHOLIC CHURCH! It's better to be outside than to be an accomplice of their heresies and misdeeds!