Lycabettus Penthouse by esé Studio

Penthouse in the city of Athens, designed by esé Studio. Lycabettus Penthouse is a truly impeccable work of interior design and styling.

Kapea pystypaneeli jämäköittää tilaa

Lycabettus Penthouse is a stunning example of luminous interior styling, a collaboration of Sotos Mallas & Aaron Ritenourwas, esé studio, in Athens, Greece.

Minimalistic Penthouse With Japanese Styling - UltraLinx

Minimalistic Penthouse With Japanese Styling

Japanese Style Inspired Contemporary Penthouse named lycabettus penthouse in Athens, Greece designed by esé studio. esé Studio Architects was born from a new collaboration Between Sotos Mallas and Aaron Ritenour. The partnership was.

Apartamento de um jovem publicitario, em Higienopolis (Foto: Pedro Kok / divulgação)

Jovem, retrô, colorido e integrado

Maranhão Apartment Converted Design by Fc Studio: maranhao apartment interior furniture design with wooden dining sets and black hanging lamps also sofas and rug and also yellow chair and black coffee table

All you need is 140-square-feet to build ultra-modern tiny apartment

micro-apartment - Proving that sometimes less is actually more, designer Szymon Hanczar has re-designed this 13 square meter micro apartment into a cozy minimal livi.