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This is a wallet insert, the exact same size as a standard credit card so that it will perfectly fit in any wallet... for man or for women. It is a thick copper that is not easily manipulated. Whatever you want stamped, can be on the wallet insert... if it will fit. This is my top selling item, and can fit any gift giving occasion.

With so many options in Etsy, why Snappin Studio? Most of the items we sell are Snappin Studio originals. We created the wallet insert, woven art,

30 days of appreciating your man. This should be done all the time.

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Ladies if your man works hard, takes care of his family and loves you treat him like this EVERY DAY and I promise you will have all his love.


Divorce will not be an option unless if I'm in danger and/or my future kids if I have any. My future husband and I will work things out and we will not take the easy way out.

Treat people how you want to be treated, especially if you claim you love them. If you can't treat someone with the most basic human dignity and respect, you aren't ready to get married.

Four Communication Styles That Almost Guarantee Divorce

It has a name!

the scent of rain on dry earth. The word is constructed from Greek, petra, meaning stone + ichor, the fluid that flows in the veins of the gods in Greek mythology<<-I thought of Doctor Who ;

I think we do a wonderful job at this, but there is always room for improvement.

"Dear future husband" -- And not only for our kids to have a good example, but so that we never forget to love each other, and how to love each other: the little things and what started it all.

10 Things to Say to Your Husband When Marriage is Hard

10 Things to Say to Your Husband When Marriage is Hard

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actual relationship goals: I wanna make you the kinda happy that when you lay in bed at night, you're like 'wow, who even knew this was possible'