Space Shuttle STS-1

First Shuttle Launch (I watched this in Physics class! - very cool) A new era in space flight began on April when Space Shuttle Columbia, or soared into orbit from NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida.


supersonic-youth: “ The first Space Shuttle vehicle destined to fly in space inches out of the Vehicle Asembly Building on its way to Pad A at Complex where it will be launched. The vehicle.

Columbia(l) and Atlantis(r).

Atlantis and Columbia in a space shuttle traffic jam. In 1990 STS 35 (Atlantis) was heading to the launchpad. STS 38 (Columbia) was rolled back to the vehicle assembly building for repairs to liquid hydrogen lines.


April 2012 - Shuttle Carrier Aircraft (SCA) is positioned beneath Space Shuttle Discovery in the mate-demate device at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The orbiter was mated to the modified 747 for its flight to Washington, DC on April NASA Photo:

Space Shuttle Over Los Angeles

Endeavour over Los Angeles [video]

The space shuttle Endeavour, perched atop a specially-modified NASA 747 jet, approaches Los Angeles International Airport last week. The retired spacecraft will be towed to its new home at the California Science Center.

I can't even imagine technology five years from now.

I Waste So Much Time

Space solar system meme - Funny and True! We got to the moon with a computer less powerful than your cell phone!

Space Shuttle Columbia. White external fuel tank designates this as one of the first 2 flights.

Catalog Title: Space Shuttle Program Date: Additional Information: Space Shuttle on Launch Pad Repository: San Diego Air and Space Museum Archive

数々の宇宙ミッションを遂行し現存するスペースシャトル3機のコクピット写真49枚 - DNA

In this incredible photo by Ben Cooper, we see the highly sophisticated flight deck (cockpit) of the NASA space shuttle, Endeavour.

Have been there for so many launches. Can't believe the Space Shuttle is gone.

Space Shuttle Atlantis Is Moved To Launch Pad Ahead Of Mission

Space Shuttle Atlantis rolls atop the crawler transporter out to launch pad at the Kennedy Space Center on March 2009 in Cape Canaveral, Florida. Atlantis is scheduled for a May launch to repair the Hubble Space Telescope.

Space shuttle Enterprise

Space Shuttle Enterprise Lifted Into Dynamic Test Stand This is an aerial view…