Craft Stuff

So true. My grandmother was an amazing artist and was incredibly crafty and musically talented! She taught me everything she knew and I take after her so much. When I get crafty, the first thing that comes to my mind is her!

Boot sock. With boots please :)

Hunter - Striped Cuff Welly Socks- would love these with my tan Hunters!

Picture of maid of honor and bride with the maid of honor's speech around the picture.

I highly suggest you write your speech . picture of bride and maid of honor framed with the maid of honor's speech Don't worry I'll take care of this when I'm your maid of honor Baker Couch

Also attempting to knit my first lace scarf... I'll post pics when I'm done

Knit a Scarf in the Faggot Lace Pattern By Pam Allen, Tracy Barr, and Shannon Okey