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Although I haven't been through all of them yt, many of these things have happened to me..

25 Signs You're Addicted To Books

25 signs you’re addicted to Books. Welcome to Bookaholics Anonymous. Hi my name is Hannah, and I'm addicted to books. Every year when I go backpacking, at least 5 pounds of the weight in my backpack is a thick hardcover.

ThinkGeek :: Book Was Better, The - so true...well most of the time!

Would be a fun shirt to wear to the next Percy Jackson movie.-----I'm wearing it to every movie based on any book ever.

Isn't this the truth:)

winters were made for warm blankets and large books - refrigerator fridge magnet - pinback button badge - teacher book lover reading

Most def but you just have to read one more page, then till then end of the chapter, then almost finished with the book....you wouldn't stop in the middle of the road before you saw what was around the bend would you???

BIB0003 Light T-Shirt

every single night. I read up to 2 one night (or should I say morning?


Endangered species Books Shelves Libraries (I like the pic of the bookshelves underneath the stairwell)


Meet the Top 10 most read books in the world. - I've read 7 of the books, including all the Harry Potter and Lord of the Ring. Two, I have read twice--the Bible and the Diary of Anne Frank. And I have no interest in the Twilight Saga!

Take your kids on a fantastic journey with these 12 children's books

Take your kids on a fantastic journey with these 12 children’s books (infographic)

Funny pictures about A children’s book guide to travel. Oh, and cool pics about A children’s book guide to travel. Also, A children’s book guide to travel.

Happens to me all the time

Renders me useless, as my husband know all too well.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower....  this is how I feel about The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Not because I'm shy, but because I understand Charlie.

It's strange because sometimes, I read a book, and I think I am the people in the book. And every time I realize I am not I get the sudden urge to cry.

I hate when I feel like this. I will take forever to read a book because I have to force myself to stop so I can savor the moment. :(

I felt like this with the last Mortal Instruments book, the last Percy Jackson book, but most of all, the last Harry Potter. You can never read a book again for the first time

Down the rabbit hole - Click image to find more Art Pinterest pins

Tunnel o' books! Down the rabbit hole ya go. Reminds me of Alice in Wonderland for bookworms.


I have a terrible sleeping disorder. It's called reading. by floney