Painting the Portrait: The Grisaille Method in Oil Part 1 - YouTube

Paint like the Old Masters did! In this How-To video, Mandy Boursicot teaches her step-by-step introduction to painting a portrait using the grisaille.

Acryl schilderij Kleurrijke Lion kwal 8 in 10 door LaurenHellerArt

I love the colors used in this painting and the movement that the jellyfish has. In the painting you can also see texture! (Acrylic Painting Colorful Lion Jellyfish 8 in by LaurenHellerArt, Even though they terrify me!

Kunst kaart van roze tulpen aquarel ACEO originele door Marleyart

Art Card of Pink Tulips Watercolor ACEO Original Art Original Watercolor Artist Trading Card Floral Art Housewarming Present

Floris Arntzenius – Oost-Indische kers in een gemberpot

(Pieter Floris Nicolaas Jacobus) Floris Arntzenius (Soerabaja 1864 – 1925 the-Hague) Dutch painter

'Springtime in the Village', 1917 - Daniel Garber

۩۩ Painting the Town ۩۩ city, town, village & house art - Daniel Garber, Springtime in the Village, 1917

♥ ♥ Stipje

DIY Stamp Roller: Make a stencil from foam and apply to a roller for printing