I'm going to spend an entire day on this site and paint and paint and paint. That's my next vacation.

Glazed Watercolor Wash Grid Tutorial © 2009 Gregory Conley- create a watercolor grid of rainbow colors. Used to help students see how washes build up to create more depth, how colors interact when painted over another. Use as painting aide.

How to Paint Glass with Easy Watercolor Techniques

How to Paint Glass with Easy Watercolor Techniques

As Joyce Faulknor demonstrates, creating a beautiful, realistic watercolor image of cut crystal and colored glass doesn’t have to be difficult. In this art lesson, you’ll learn how to transfer an image from photo reference to watercolor class

Fabio Cembranelli Watercolor Demo - YouTube If you like his work on my Fabio board, you can see just how he achieves such beautiful work.

Video: Fábio Cembranelli watercolour demo - How To - Artists & Illustrators - Original art for sale direct from the artist