You know, when you tell a joke and start to walk away and THEN the person gets it? LOL    Mudskipper Fish (Oxudercinae)

Like the mangroves that edge this tidal mudflat in Malaysia, mudskippers flourish in high tides and low. Special adaptations allow these fish to breathe both underwater and in the air.

Indonesian Mudskipper

INDONESIAN MUDSKIPPER (Periophthalmus gracilis) shot at the Denver Zoo ©gdstewart Mudskippers are members of the Goby family. They are completely amphibious fish, fish that can use their pectoral fins.

Lightning Maroon Clownfish #Back to Nature

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Boleophthalmus pectinirostris, Ariake Sea, Japan

Mudskippers (amphibious fish) greet one another on land, praying to their antediluvian gods

I love Mudskippers

I love Mudskippers