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1940s couple.   I love this photo so much!! And how they have a dog too! Also how she's wearing his hat!

war era couple found photo vintage fashion style skirt pinafore blouse suspender straps, the gorgeous collie dog, the handsome sailor, and the beautiful young woman playfully wearing her lover's hat on a lovely summer's day

Red Cross girls dancing with soldiers ~

Red Cross girls dancing with soldiers ~ Inspiration for The Girl in the Jitterbug Dress Hops the Atlantic or maybe GitJD

Dance happiness...

Paul Almasy I love this bridge! The first time I was in Paris, I took a picture of it since my maiden name starts with "N." Love the picture! Rock’n’Roll sur les Quais de Paris, 1955

Every guys dream;) Audie Murphy getting some well deserved lovin.....the most decorated solider of the Second World War ..

Private Farnsworth gets love from Ginger Rogers, Barbara Hale, Gloria DeHaven and friends.

Beach date, 1950s

Ahhhh they're so cute // couple, and teen teenagers teens teenager relationship goals relationships vintage retro love beach beaches vacation vacay summer summertime vibes

jitterbug. I loved this dance craze. Danced all day and night. In school, out of school and at home.  B.

Jitterbug I love old photos because of this: Even though people dress different ways based on where they are in time and space, we all experience the same emotions and think about the same big things.