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why come after me when he could just find a girl at the bar or pick up a hooker? He already "jokes" about it

This is the feeling that every girl wants because it is justification that the feelings are there; and what I also think is funny is the fact that when every girl reads this "him" is immediately replaced with someones name without even thinking about it.

so true.<~ Well, it would be if I knew for sure he was staring at me first. He might have been daydreaming, like when your just staring in a random direction, and because your staring at him, he stares back.

My head says who cares and then my heart whispers you do stupid!

Stop thinking of him

Break ups are hard but not forever! I just want to be at peace with my heart and not feel this way :(

Haha yup that wld b meim like head over heals for him and I don't think he gets that half the time...prob cuz I don't make it very clear....oh well haha

That's true I have a hard time talking about anything. so I always mess up when I talk. especcily when I'm talking to my crush.