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2 Timothy 4:20 - Miletus / 2. Timoteus 4:20 - Milet

2 Timothy 4:20 - Miletus / 2. Timoteus 4:20 - Milet

Sodom & Gomorrah - arched doorway still standing today

Sodom & Gomorrah - arched doorway still standing today. Biblical Warning For…

Tomb of the apostle Philip, located amid the remains of a fourth or fifth century church at Hierapolis, one of the most significant Christian sites in Turkey. Philip was one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus. Philip was tested by Jesus about how to feed 5,000 people (John 6:4-7), and he was approached by Greeks who wanted to see Jesus (John 12:20-21).

Tomb of the apostle Philip, located amid the remains of a fourth or fifth century church at Hierapolis, one of the most significant Christian sites in Turkey.

Chariot wheel in the Red Sea where Moses crossed with Israelites....so COOL!!!

Coral encrusted chariot wheels fixed to axels standing at attention on the seabed floor of the Red Sea Crossing site.

Caiaphas Ossuary In 1990 a startling discovery was made that shook biblical scholars and archaeologists alike. In the Peace Forest section of Jerusalem was discovered a burial cave containing twelve ossuaries, one of them being none other than that of Caiaphas, the high priest who presided at the trial of Jesus. This amazing discovery provides us with a powerful historical connection to the events described in the Gospels.

The Caiaphas Ossuary - Caiaphas, the Jewish High Priest, played a prominent role in Jesus’ crucifixion. It was Caiaphas who sacrificed Christ in the interests of “expediency.

Arch of Titus - Biblical Archaeology in Rome (Bible History Online)

Arch of Titus showing spoils from the sack of Jerusalem by Titus in 70 CE, including a menorah

The Dead sea Scrolls. Between 1947 and 1956 Qumran has been the most important archaeological site of the world . In this period a collection of 972 ancient texts in 11 different caves has been found. The majority of them are made of parchment or papyrus, mainly written in Hebrew and Aramaic and few in Greek... It was said that these scrolls also contained the Book of Enoch which tells the story of him being abducted by other-worldly beings.

The Dead Sea Scrolls Qumran, Israel - a collection of 972 ancient parchment and papyrus texts found in 11 different caves, written in Hebrew and Aramaic and few in Greek.

Jeremiah tablet. Contains the name of a Babylonian official put in charge of the care of the Prophet Jeremiah after the capture of Jerusalem.

Babylonian tablet which mentions Nebo-Sarsekim, who is thought to be the Biblical Nebuzaradan who was charged with the care of the prophet Jeremiah

Other giant skull discovery in Pitcairn islands.

XXX Giant Humans Skeleton - The Fallen Angels. Pinner: This is phony. I see similarities in the foreground skull and the more distant one. The same image was used for each. This has been photo shopped.

Biblical Archaeology ` Evidence of Solomon's Temple have been found at this site. It dates back to the time of David and the artifacts found closely corresponds to descriptions found in the book of Kings found in the Bible.( Khirbet Qelayfa site) ` via Huffington Post

Shocking Discovery About Jesus

Biblical Archaeology---Khirbet Qeiyafa Excavations Find Evidence Of Solomon's Temple, Archaeologists Say

Capernaum, Galilee, Israel - "The House of Peter: The Home of Jesus in Capernaum?" Beneath the foundations of this octagonal Byzantine martyrium church at Capernaum, archaeologists made one of the most exciting Biblical archaeology discoveries: a simple first-century A.D. home that may have been the house of Peter, the home of Jesus in Capernaum (Matt 8:14–16).

In Capernaum, foundations of the home where Jesus lived with Peter's family. Crowds met here to hear Jesus teach. Early on, the home underwent many changes as Christians continued to use it as a meeting place after Jesus' resurrection.

STUNNING FIND FROM TIME OF JESUS Archaeologists abuzz in Mary Magdalene's hometown

Archaeologists abuzz in Mary Magdalene’s hometown WND byJoe Kovacs An intricately decorated stone found in what is believed to be a first century synagogue in Magdala, Israel. When many people hear the name of Mary Magdalene, they automatically.

And Atheist call it evolution.

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The Siloam Pool: Where Jesus Healed the Blind Man | A sacred Christian site identified by archaeologists

The Siloam Pool has long been considered a sacred Christian site, even if the correct identification of the site itself was uncertain. According to the Gospel of John, it was at the Siloam Pool where Jesus healed the blind man (John