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Learning not to care about certain things/issues/circumstances/people's actions/words is so beneficial to the harmony of your heart and soul :)

It's true! We don't have to hide it any more!we are better than our problems. BE BRAZEN and do better.


either write something worth reading or do something worth writing -bf

truth...yep this is how an extrovert breaksdown!

falling apart inside when I am quiet. Unfortunately, this is me at work almost all the time now!

This is so me

Yup that's me haha! Does someone have my car bugged? This is ME! Also, when they are driving slowly(on the Phone) I lay down on the horn! if i cant drive they cant talk!

AHHHHHH just watched this movie last night. i feel like i have a deep intellectual connection to that movie

Ecard // Noah wrote Allie 365 letters so I think you can answer my text // the notebook

My best friend and I

#Friendship #Quotes … . Top 100 Cute Best Friend Quotes #Sayings

So true! That includes keeping toxic people in your life . ANY toxic people, relatives, friends etc. Keeping them around enables them and encourages their bad behaviors .

Moulin Rouge Poster by quidprosno.deviantart.com on @deviantART

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"The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return" - Moulin Rouge Quote Would love this on my inner arm