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Backyard arts & craft shed for me???


I really do like this little office nook with large window. 130 square foot tiny house on wheels

tiny home with staircase

Tiny house: the stairs going to the loft, with storage under neath. I would need stairs in my tiny home so my dog can get into the loft with me. :) my dream house after the apocalypse.

Little house on the prairie :-)

fairy house play house outdoor-play-space-ideas perfect for the girls playhouse!


love log cabin / with pot belly stove Good idea if no heat present during winter. (We cooked on our stove and heated our house & water for showers/cleaning, one winter when we were w/o electricity for 9 days.

Guest house

Garden Studio Offers Outdoor Work Space I love this idea. And I love the color teal and the idea of an outdoor room. I would want it to also be my art, design, and creative studio. Where magical things would happen!

Haha, that's awesome! And I love the cabinet/storage space, too. mlb

The Small House Catalog: toilet/sink combo, a space saver and if you didn't want to use it there's always the kitchen sink a few steps away; could be used in a skoolie, bus conversion, or trailer to save space and recycle sink water into the toilet…

Who needs a greenhouse when you could fill it up with books!  In my opinion you should have BOTH PLANTS AND BOOKS!

It Was Just A Shabby Little Shed Out Back, Until Wife Transforms It Into Her Private Escape

Home Office Shed. now there's an idea! I saw a cute house for sale with about a square slab in the backyard, leftover from a portable shed I guess. how fun it would be to build a litte sewing/quilting studio onto it! Love this idea

I remember falling in love with the idea of living in a tiny house last  Christmas while back in Michigan. I was watching tv with my mom and sister  watching whatever was on HGTV when a show about Tiny House's came on. I  suddenly became enthralled with this small house on wheels.  I became swept up in the romantic idea of moving wherever you wanted with  your home right behind your truck. Boston one day, Cali the next? Done. We  continued to watch the show and I loved the idea of living…

Tiny House

A Grand Design-Micro Living-Design Small Living Spaces-Tiny house

Cute cubby house or garden shed, aqua shades

So fun! Love this beautiful and colorful backyard studio / office / garden shed / guest house / ? - by interior design