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The GazettE is my favorite band. But it's more than just a band to me. I truly do love them. It's amazing what Ruki can write; all those tragic songs about rape murder, and everything in between. Their voices make me smile, their growls and screams make me giggle and I'm just so glad to have them as my favorite band. I love The GazettE!!! <3

Aoi, Ruki, Uruha, Kai and Reita - the GazettE

Uruha. The GazettE...............i had this this haircut before him so HA

Uruha The Gazette

Ruki from The Gazette ~ Visual kei style

Ruki from The Gazette He look just in my soul.

Ruki ♡ this is too much for my heart...

Takanori/Ruki - the GazettE

Imagem de ruki, jrock, and the gazette

neko-dark-long-night: “Ruki *u* ”

Uruha. The GazettE.

Uruha, guitarist of the visual kei band, GazettE. He is as skilled as he is beautiful.

Ruki. The GazettE.

Ruki. The GazettE.

Kai. The GazettE.

Kai. The GazettE.

Don't worry Ruki, we all love you despite your height ♥ In fact, it makes you cuter ^^

Uruha and Ruki. The GazettE

Ruki. The GazettE

Ruki - the GazettE

-MMB Pamphlet - RUKI scans!

the gazette and ruki image on We Heart It

Ruki WALLPAPER FALLING  © thegazetto

Ruki WALLPAPER FALLING © thegazetto

Shou. Alice Nine.

Alice Nine., I have that same problem at my home too! My tabby is a girl! What is that, a little boy? MANs best friend is also a cat!

Ruki the Gazette, wow he's so gorgeous here

The House by Danielle Steel