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That visual

That visual

Mais conhecido como amor da minha vida

Mais conhecido como amor da minha vida

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Somehow i want kai to have some sns so he could just even notice that he was so loved :"" and i can express it towards directly TTTTTT


I love Kai, I really do. But that's just a LITTLE too much eyeliner. Never enough eyeliner

Eu realmente amo esse gif, Jongin seria o melhor pai de todos, espero não ter iludido vocês hahaha, até a próxima

Kai reaction - Two

Kai and Taeoh - look how Kai opens his mouth too Also I KNOW this is all fanservice but goddamn

Réaction des Exo. Donc voilà ! N'hésitez surtout pas à commenter ! Et… #aléatoire # Aléatoire # amreading # books # wattpad


Kai:*looks a little bit to the left* camera:heyyy kai :) kai:*smiles and be shy* that's so cute from him

170125 EXO Vyrl Update: Kai on Esquire Behind the Scenes Photoshoot

EXO 엑소 카이 / Kai - 김종인 / Kim JongIn LOTTO

Kai - 160818 ‘Lotto’ iTunes digital booklet Credit: via Bright Peach.

#Kai #EXO

Imagine Kai with a smile like that while he's on stage thinking about you.