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Must-see Pallet Outdoor Dream Kitchen

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Идеи использования деревянных поддонов

Why not make a fun outdoor Easy DIY Project: Pallet Outdoor Bar for your deck, backyard patio, or garden area? In two hours, along with a couple of pallets and a few misc. supplies, you'll have…

How to turn a pile of old pallets into a cool outdoor bar fit for any garden.

So, my step-son and daughter-in-law to be decided they needed an outside bar to complement their decking in their party garden. Yours truly decided that it would make an excellent wedding present. Costing it initially in sawn treated timber proved…

This gave me the idea to buils one of these parking barns out of pallets. - Gardening Dreams

Garaż z palet/ Great idea to build one of these parking barns / wood storage out of pallets.

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Must-see Pallet Outdoor Dream Kitchen

The Best DIY Wood and Pallet Ideas: 21 Stylish Pieces Of Furniture To Make From Recycl...

21 Stylish Pieces Of Furniture To Make From Recycled Pallet Wood

Upcycle pallets into fire pit table, maybe use brick or tile to help prevent any stray embers from sparking the pallets. A person could use a small propane firepit.

Pallet flooring

This DIY pallet patio = another great idea on how to recycle old pallets into a fabulous modern home/garden deck design.

Free Pallet Storage/garden shed

Id love to use this concept for a playhouse/potting shed/garden spot! This Is The Pallet Emergency Home. It Can Be Built In One Day With Only Basic Tools

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Pallets Wood Mud Kitchen

This would make an awesome outdoor kitchen for the mountain with a few changes Pallets Wood Mud Kitchen

All sizes and finishes available. (Espresso stain 48x24x42 pictured.)  Crafted local in New England, with reclaimed construction material.

Highly rustic pieces handmade from rough-cut pallet-grade reclaimed material, joined with mortise/tenon and rabbet/dado joints using hi-strength commercial wood glue.

Don’t forget the kids! This is an awesome fort/playhouse for the kids made mostly of pallets. It has a nice covered porch and a cool balcony. This design could be modified for a really neat cabin for adults too.  above via Prepperology.netNot Everyone Can Afford To BUY A House; 20 DIY Pallet Shelter Designs

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Pallets I think this would be good for the walls at the camp.  Think I will give it a try.  Time to start calling around to get some old Pallets

Pallets I think this would be good for the walls at the camp. Time to start calling around to get some old Pallets

These renters used pallets to decorate their outdoor space while making everything 'renter' friendly ~ amazing transformation

"I don't usually like the things made of pallets, but THIS is gorgeous," said a reader when she saw this:

Tropical Pallet Paradise: A Renters' Remodel Story schooner and cockleshell for flower and dainty lace for outline. Mocha stain for floor?