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Two Cherokee men in traditional regalia, looking over a cliff. Photographed at the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee, 1939

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Kiowa Mother and Child. America - American History - Women's Rights - Child Labor - The Great Depression - Civil Rights - Native Americans - Slavery - American Indians.

Kiowa girl

mortuus-lamia: “ Kiowa Girl, Indian Portrait by Edward Curtis. Spokane Indian woman, ca. 1897 Noatak Inuit hopi girl Lakota Sioux Indian Man by Edward Curtis, ”

This eye opening truth about long hair may surprise you

An eye-opening truth about long hair which may surprise you.(not me-the only time Native Americans cut their hair-in my family anyway-is when someone close to them dies)

The Seven Clans of the Cherokee

The Seven Clans of the Cherokee

There are 7 clans of the Cherokee Indian. It is important to know this because they are not allowed to marry inside their clan. The women are the head of household in the Cherokee so membership is attained through the mother.