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Linda reference

captvinvanity: The face of winter…Daniel Parent (edited)


む<-------- I am leaving that other culture language symbol here because it looks cool. If it says "death to America" it's still the prettiest hate phrase out there. Aaaanyway, check out this cute fox & stuff.

fox couple

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Red Fox. When some people see this they think of sport. But you might as well kill people for sport. These animals are our equals. They're majestic and beautiful, and killing them is just plain cruel. Fox hunting is just sadistic, and it still happens in many places. Let's stop it and be considerate for a change.

A thick winter coat . Photo taken Rhonda Glover,by Robert Fry on March


White Wolf : Too Cute To Handle: 25 Melt-Your-Heart Sleeping Fox Pictures


Mothering A young wild fox cub is groomed by his older sister (from a previous litter) by Lawrie Brailey