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Hugs between homophobics and homosexuals. Amusing.

Funny pictures about First Gay Hug. Oh, and cool pics about First Gay Hug. Also, First Gay Hug photos.

"Meme tall anime" then you got Dan calling Phil an "Angel bean" again

"Meme tall anime" then you got Dan calling Phil an "Tall Angel bean" again

cause you just witnessed the roast of danisnotonfire

dan // phil // phan // danisnotonfire // amazingphil // meme // sunshine<<< I just relized that.

Tag yourself I'm the dog

First pic reaction: oh my gawd that smile. Second pic reaction: Wow I can not handle it. Third pic reaction: OH MY GAWD DAN UR SO CUTE. Third pic reaction: OH MY GO- nvm it’s not worth it

Dan Howell everybody.....this makes me love him even more. Which I thought was impossible.

Dan and Phil. Dan answers intercom with "HELLO THIS IS DOG" thinking it was Phil. it was their landlord.

Dan and Phil

I feel alone in the Phandom. <--- you're not alone, they are my brotp<-----kind of but then again I would still think it's cute if they do get together but not a crazy Phan shipper