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the crew has a passion for high powered weaponry

Little Bit of Luck - Moment

A hunter named Knox Rose of the notorious Rose family with impeccable fashion sense, meets wielder of the dark arts, Dembe AU.

«gun, soldier, and war

Third gear

Nathaniel’s driver , also his clean up man , love advice person , and good friend — Ryland.

Perttu's Smile

Posh men in fancy suits leaned on their canes as they chat with one another while waiting for the ceremony to start.

Darik Signas - clothing

Very soon I plan on making asthetic boards for many of my pre-existing boards sick as Bucky, Loki, Tom, Sebastian, ect

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Glock with Jack Daniels.

"What in the world are we going to do now, Brass? What now?" I stab at him in slow anger, my eyes skimming my eyebrows as my eyes roll, expressing how much this situation pissed me off. "We lost Aussie to them, so we are left with absolutely no defense. She-" "I know!" His answer fused through me; I could tell losing Aussie wasn't just hurting me, but him as well. "I know... so let's get her back." And for some reason, I smiled.  - ̗̀sheddingpastel  ̖́-

How to drive defensively essaytyper Oct 2017 · How to Drive Defensively. Adopting defensive driving techniques can keep you and others safe on the road. Defensive driving simply means to drive.

Interesting picture. i suppose the two girls in the back could be agents while the blonde is the enemy<--Previous Pinner

Mission Retrieve for Tara

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re : desires

"I'm off to war."

There's a war going on out there somewhere And Andrey isn't here

He took a long drag on his cigarette, staring at his new ally. "This is Charlotte." "Dmitri, that's a gun--" "No, this is Charlotte."

He took a long drag on his cigarette, staring at his new ally." "Dmitri, that's a gun--" "No, this is Charlotte.


corina was here :)

Silent - Hitman - Assassin

Guns n' Boys

pιnтereѕт | nхcoleх ✨

pιnтereѕт | nхcoleх ✨

pandeamonium// @pandeamonium    //christ, how extra can he get?

honestly s/o to whoever decided that Dishonored would replace dresses w/ just. Tight pants & dramatic Coats for everyone.

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