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Alex Gaskarth thinks Patrick Stump is beautiful.<< everyone thinks patrick stump is beautiful

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Oh Patrick.

Patrick Stump is the most polite and sweet rock star ever. BTW Justin Bieber is NO ONE compared to Patrick Stump

Wouldn't wanna disappoint satan with a messy place now would we? | Patrick Stump tweet

Wouldn't wanna disappoint satan with a messy place now would we?<< As Satan, I can safely say I do not like BEIN disappointed with messy living areas

a tiny child

A tiny child for a tiny man *heart explodes during a feels trip*

Patrick you are beautiful

I'm in tears. Honestly Patrick is amazing and such an indescribably good man. This seriously means the world to me -N<<< awww

No they meant Mikey Way

Did you mean: Andy Biersack<<< Did you mean: Kellin Quinn<<< Did you mean: Vic Fuentes<<<ozzy osbourne

Pete Wentz has a greater net worth than Obama. just saying.<Wait what?

Yeah darn right he's worth more than her he's Patrick Friggin' Stump

I feel like anything that starts with When I Was... will be sung in tone of Welcome To The Black Parade<<<< Same here

WHY<<oh my freaking god wow XD Youngblood Chronicles (FOB) meets Welcome to the Black Parade (MCR) XD