This is the best thing ever.

Poor doggy sounds like my dog. When someone leaves the hou and doesnt take him he gets really sad

*squeak* This would so be me. Awkward as hell at all times. I'm slightly better than I was but yeah, awkward

I would have cried or screamed and jumped on him<<<< and then be arrested for jumping on a police officer

yes, this is pizza.

Ok I seriously laughed til it hurt over this pin. And I'm still laughing as I type this. Oh man my abs hurt -Stephanie >>> my pizza bag hurts.

tumblr funny | Barney haha ya! We sang this all the time at school, and I go went to a Christian school...

I didnt learn that version i learned "I love you, you love me lets get together and kill barney. With the baseball bat, on my back. Stick a pistol up his nose pull the trigger watch him blow"

Why can't  this happen to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MARRY THIS GUY.<---This is legit so cute omg she better marry him right now, do you realize what a great husband (and if they had kids) dad he would be? Just awww so adorable.

Lucky! Got to leave for lunch junior and senior year?!

Find you loopholes, kids.<<<<< wow These are regular business people Congrats to loopholes

This Would Be Hilarious To See In Person

Imagine though. He's like English. "Daddy, I'm knackered." "AY YO MA WHERE YOU AT?" Lol he be like "🖕fuck all you fat-ass bitchy niggas out there🖕"