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Marc Bolan in Jackie Mag, my Sis had a few posters of him.

ladyislingering: I really want to take the grain off this picture, hand-tint it to brilliant, crisp color.

Marc Bolan

Marc Bolan TRex 1972 I remember my first New Year's Eve at my Aunt's and I danced with a boy to the music of T Rex so cool.

Marc Bolan in 1972, France, thank you so much, Mr. Putland, for this lovely pic! And yes, Marc, you were a beauty indeed

Nachrichtenfoto : Singer Marc Bolan of British glam rock group TRex.

Marc Bolan note Chuck !

Marc Bolan note Chuck !

Marc bolan of T-Rex with son Rolan .Rolan was not awarded any money from estate although he was Bolan's only child.Bolan died at 29 hand't amended his will and Rolan was illegitimate.