Original link did not have purchase info but found a similar cat climbing town "On sale" on Etsy for $215.50.

10 Cats who made Hilariously Poor Decisions

Desain Kandang Kucing Tingkat dari Kayu, Besi, dan Alumunium - Kucing adalah salah satu hewan yang disukai dan dicintai oleh berbagai kala...

I think any empty bedroom no one ever uses can become a foster area of the house! Save A stray foster spay or neuter then find a NICE human to adopt!


the lotus cat tower. because i've stopped pretending i'm not their adoring slave.

Two Story Cat Condo Tree with Cradle on Top

This cat condo tree offers all features that cats love - height, scratching and relaxing places.Wooden Cat Condo Tree - This Wooden Cat Condo Tree offers all features cats love - height, condos, places for scratching and relaxing.

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contemporary eco friendly cat furniture by pet pals group

Open play space, hiding places, scratching area, and hanging strings=perfect play house for cats!

Karlie Paradise Banana-Leaf Cat Tree: cat tree with 2 cosy dens and 2 padded platforms;

Hanging Cat Cuddle Pod - Bella wants one of these - she also thinks her human needs one too.

Hanging Cat Cuddle Pod Plow & Hearth ---- This is funny. I wonder how easy it is to miss, like a human getting into a hammock.