100 Quotes Every INTJ Will Relate To

100 Quotes Every INTJ Will Relate To

Don't think much of the one who coined it, but it's true :) 100 Quotes Every INTJ Will Relate To

INTJ WOMEN - Imgur.  This almost makes up for being compared to Emperor Palpatine and those like him.


INTJs make up about of the population being the rarest of personality types. INTJ females are even rarer being only I have the great privilege of being one of them.

Ineptitude: quality or condition of being awkward, clumsy, or incompetent.

INTJ - this has happened to me, but I have never thrown someone else under the bus even when it was their fault. I just have to swallow that little taste of betrayal by carelessness.

My INTJ (Introvert, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging) personality. All of this is true except #1. I like surprises. Sorta. From certain people, on certain days...in certain circumstances. bwahahaha.

My INTJ (Introvert, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging) personality.the P part of my personality has taken over and now I'm forced to be patient with other people or admit to hypocrisy when I'm chronically late.

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"INTJ- it's not *that* confusing. Just pay attention". I've said this before --- I say this daily to my peers.

INTJ : Photo yep. Forever checking for ulterior motives.

INTJ - random and reasonless compliments make me so uncomfortable, I hate it. But if there's a legitimate reason, for something I've done and done well, I can accept it easily.