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T.T pq?Eu só consigo imaginar o V mandando isso no Kakao pro Kookie com a…

"Taehyung é só um alienzinho que precisa ser protegido." ALGUÉM POR FAVOR TIRA O CACHORRO DE PERTO DELE!

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Sometimes i am wishing to be one of the lucky dogs bangtan handled :')

"Somos tintas descombinadas que formam uma pintura compreendida apena… #fanfic # Fanfic # amreading # books # wattpad

Uma carta #KimTaehyung

I am often described as 'that guy with box-shaped smile'. with… Random

MEU DEUS, que coisa mais fofaaaa. Da vontade de aperta essas duas criaturinhas fofas.

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I literally cant tell which is cuter: taehyung or the puppy

•my child•

Imagine V sending you a video message of him pointing at where he wants you to kiss him for the next time ya'll see each other.

#wattpad #humor Ilusões proficionais para você!

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I love this momeny, V is trolling the dog by blowing on it, then when the dog looks up to see who it was, he pretends he didn't do anything so the dog is like "oh well, guess it was nothing".// This was one of the funniest and cutest things in the world.

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South Korea and his K-Pop Hetalia

Day favourite character of opposite gender.

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"I love you" It's used to confess your feelings or also when you see your bias or something you really love.