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↟✝↟ i will love you with an  everlasting love Jesus  ↟✝↟

November Moodboard & Fairytale Playlist

Exactly! Strangely (or maybe not), people seem to apologize more for liking mainstream things in my experience. If you want a Starbucks coffee, just enjoy it! I know I do.

'I don't believe in 'Guilty Pleasures'. If you F*cking LIKE Something, LIKE IT.', David Grohl Quote, and so true.

nothing like the rain when you're in outer space  ̖́-

Sorry I've been pinning so any text things but I'm not going to stop

mai note

“Comfort zone/ Things that make life worthwhile and interesting” venn diagram by Keri Smith (via androidnoise)


We blame Society, but we are Society! We all need to Change Society for a better Life Style. Pin this Pin if you want to Change your Life Style and Society!