Dan and Phil are so cute...!!!Like this pin? Why not check out my board!

Look at my two babies in their fetus form

❝ we mean it but i promise we're not mean ❞ @tag_youre_it

the sleeve thing instantly makes anyone cuter


Puberty hit dan and phil hard

My little brother called me memetacular the other day. Guess I have another thin in common with Dan. 1- both memetacular 2- both love phil

But Dan is taller than Phil *cries in corner*

I watched the entire thing and boi it was gr8

Next thing u know this stalkers gonna live in ur HOUSE

Oh my gosh I love the picture he decided to leave it on. XD

the last one ohmygod phil <-- XD

AmazingPhil and Danisnotonfire #comic

AmazingPhil and Danisnotonfire (Halloween Bake Dan And Phil)

This is legit heartbreaking dan is basically my son ok, and like my beautiful turnip has bloomed and is a grown tomato. Nothing can ever squash him enough to rot and hide, no he shines bright red and rolls through the haters. U see this isn't any normal post ok, this is art, this is craft, this is love.

My baby grew up!


Awww Phil do us all a favor and stay innocent

Okay I don't ship it but his little lost peace signs give me strength in this harsh life I live

Okay I don't ship it but his little lost peace signs give me strength in this harsh life I live<< I do ship it but I fully agree


Well Dan was slouching in those pics, but true

True, but... I hate MakoHaru, and love Phan, and now I'm just torn

Omfg for someone how ships Phan and haru and makato this is intense! Remember the time haru almost kissed makato? ALSO PHANS ANIME OTP IS MAKOHARU

insert longest yeah boy video

insert longest yeah boy video<<<<nick Jonas too

the only good part of 2016 was dan and phil

One of the reasons that I love dan howell. And Phil's face  in the second one:) lol

he makes an adorable doctor tbh😂😂😂

Dan looks so done even without a face. Always.:

Dan and Phil// Dans face is blank but you can tell he is done /// danisonfire