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Cute drawing

(HoO/BoO spoilers) okay so i've seen a lot of people hesitant to ship solangelo thominhoandnewt: “ due to the the fact that they still ship percico/jasico/some other nico ship and i’m just here to.

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Percy and Nico playing Mythomagic

Percy and Nico playing Mythomagic. ~ Dude this is about my favorite thing ever! Like I love any of the things with people playing Mythomagic, like the on with Nico and Frank. But this is my favorite.

Lol Will and Nico

♥☻!That's my OTP!☻♥ - Solangelo/Hybride

Oh, Nico. Like Will said, a plan which does not involve murder please. xD // Nico has a wedding ring on his left hand?// it's his skull ring

<3 solangelo

Read III Nico from the story Solangelo - El Fugitivo del Inframundo (Fanfic de Percy Jackson) by (Aaron Ruiz) with reads.

2/3 "Look With Your Heart" archiveofourown.org/works/2513120/chapters/5582570

A lot can happen in three days - Chapter 33

A lot can happen in 3 days, old Nico gets put in the intermarry for 3 days and Will is a healer so.