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I usually don't like Monster Falls, but this is A LOT better than "Deerper" and "Mermabel" or whatever they call them. I like them being the same as Stan and Ford

I like mermaid Mabel and deer Dipper better, as those monsters fit Mabel and Dipper's personalities, but this is cool


Ford and Bill

You mess with the wrong neighborhood by markmak on DeviantArt

This is Davis messing with ziggy and then ziggy asks Kelsey and Sofie for help, then Davis is defeated>>>ummm thus us CLEARLY Gravity Falls Robbie being a jerk to Thompson and Wendy and Tambry beat him like the jerk he is

Ship War AU (Part 32)

Star vs The Forces of evil - Ship War au part 32 que iluuuu

Funny Failed Toys

Funny Failed Toys-- this scares me.

Just What We Need, ... by TMNT-Raph-fan <<< Now back to screaming in panic

by TMNT-Raph-fan <<< Now back to screaming in panic

Gargrunkle Stan! Let Stanfur work!! >x< <3

Gargrunkle Stan and Sphinxford

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Bill, no. Put her down Bill. Bill...... I'll count to 3. 1...2....3 BILL. We can all see what you're thinking!!!!!

This was a sweet picture until I saw what was in Bill's thought bubble.

Shapeshifter|| Welp there goes my heart

Stan and Ford, Stan Twins