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My only gripe: Why the hell is he shown as darker than she is? I hope the idea is that he's an archetypal white, tanned dudebro, and not that he's a HORRIBLE guy of color picking on some POOR, POOR white girl.

Double standards

Don't be such a douche! If you have a problem with hair, opt for InstaSculpt's Laser Hair Removal Therapy to remove it and get smooth skin.

Andrew Dobson's Poster Equality Comics

Andrew Dobson so you're a cartoonist. Hilarious comic featured by Geek Girls regarding a Con issue


Double Standards / Gender Bias / Sexism / Politics - time to change this ridiculousness

Little Girl Shuts Down the Idea That Superheroes are Just for Boys with One Angry Glare

Little Girl Shuts Down The Idea That Superheroes Are Just For Boys With One Angry Glare

This Little Girl Just Schooled Tesco Over A Sexist Sign Because "Anybody Can Like Superheroes"----okay this girl is awesome. i feel like we would be great friends

“ Educate and advocate for transgender students’ rights! ”

Groundbreaking Guide Helps Schools Provide Supportive Environments for Transgender Students - Susan's Place Transgender Resources

Gender Equality: A Two Way Street; well, it would still be frowned upon if I would appear in a suit at my graduation as a female and not in a dress, with high heels and at least a ton of make-up...

Gender Equality: A Two Way Street

Funny pictures about Gender Equality: A Two Way Street. Oh, and cool pics about Gender Equality: A Two Way Street. Also, Gender Equality: A Two Way Street photos.

The main reason that I don't shave is because I'm too lazy (which in itself is problematic because 'laziness' carries a negative connotation of sloth and uncleanliness and not shaving is neither of those things), but this is a totally accurate description of why (when I do) I shave my legs, and that's sad to me.

the truth confronting our own desire to fit in, to be Loved, accepted as part of the herd

Shaving your legs is not feminist (but you can still be a feminist and shave) - Adios Barbie

Beauty: slightly mutilating the natural state of your body in order to be deemed acceptable Drawing by Natalya Lobanova

Hadley Freeman, "Should Women Shave Their Legs and Under-arms?" The Guardian (4 August 2014). Waxing, shaving, plucking and threading—most women go through the torture. But there's only one way to find out whether you genuinely want to—give up the razors for a week or two. Image: Mark Cuthbert's photo of Julia Roberts at the world charity premiere of Notting Hill in 1999.

Should women shave their legs and under-arms?

"Ladies: why you should stop shaving Luckily for you, I have conducted an experiment and can tell you that there is nothing to fear from going hairy"