John William Waterhouse - The Danaides

John William Waterhouse “Danaïdes” Oil on canvas Pre-Raphaelite Currently in a private collection In Greek mythology, the Daughters of Danaus (also known as Danaids, Danaides or Danaïdes), were the fifty daughters of Danaus, who.

Gary Oldman & Winona Ryder fotografiados por Firooz Zahedi, 1992

Winona Ryder and Gary Oldman, Premiere Magazine 1992 -Dracula might be one of my favorite movies of all time.

The Missal - John William Waterhouse

The Missal John William Waterhouse Oil on canvas. A missal is a liturgical book containing all instructions and texts necessary for the celebration of Mass throughout the.

Pre Raphaelite Art: Fair Rosamund John William Waterhouse 1917

Fair Rosamund as portrayed by John William Waterhouse, an artist deeply influenced by the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. Henry Ⅱ and the Fair Rosamund: a most mysterious mistress.

Ophelia by John William Waterhouse

Character- Ophelia is yet another very complex character who is used as a pawn in her own relationship. She is manipulated and is constantly being set up at bait for taxing situations.

Ophelia - 1910John William Waterhouse

John William Waterhouse waterhouse Ophelia painting for sale, this painting is available as handmade reproduction. Shop for John William Waterhouse waterhouse Ophelia painting and frame at a discount of off.

Women in the Scriptures: Tamar: What's a Girl to Do?

Handmade Oil Painting Jeune Italienne puisant de l'eau (Italian Girl Drawing Water) by William-Adolphe Bouguereau

Bildresultat för john williams painting

John William Waterhouse - The soul of the Rose Description:A lady smelling a rose by the English artist John William Waterhouse Pre-Raphaelites Visual

John Waterhouse 'Saint Cecilia' (detail) John William Waterhouse [British Pre-Raphaelite Painter, My granny Saint Cecilia ❤️

Maybe wedding collection photo shoot with a shakespeare them such as midsummers night?  Jessica Chastain by Annie Leibovitz for Vogue US December 2013

Gustav Klimt’s frequent subject Ria Munk Jessica Chastain Photo Annie Leibovitz, Vogue, December 2013 Photo Annie Leibovitz

I love all the colors in this. I'm not a photo expert at all, but I think it looks awesome. From Felice Fawn on redbubble.

HAIR COLOUR/STYLE/ACCESSORY/MAKE-UP: I love a lot of things about this picture; the rich colour of the hair, the mysterious green eye colour, the beautiful deep red lip colour and the hair accessory that represents a gypsy princess. nasty-gal-x-minkpink

*+*Mystickal Faerie Folke*+*...By Artist Unknown ...

Holly by Natalie J Watts for Vecu Spring 2011

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Serenity now

Perla Maarek shoots Eliisa Raats for the Summer 2011 issue of Fine Taste Magazine. Styling by Amaryllis Joskowicz. - I love the romantic feeling, the hair and the lovely silk top!