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And sometimez people purposefully make that a reality.Would luv to see that happen to thoze who do the same.

My mom used to say this to me when I was a girl- looking back I cannot recall one instance that I didn't like my freckles.  Thanks Mom :)

'A Girl Without Freckles' Print by Posie & Co. on "A girl without freckles is like a night without stars.

Going to make this into a little card for when she gets nervous about school or when she FINALLY ask's for that promotion at work. :) glitter  all like a straight bad ass

Photo (Southern Charm)

"You musn't be afraid to sparkle a little brighter, darling." Here's some quote motivation for your beauty pageant goals!


I am not perfect. I am that I am.and I may not be perfect, but for the right person I am.