Lovely icing-only gingerbread houses. I like the reindeer on the rooftop of the one in the back.

Ginger bread houses by Vibeke Design. We make ginger bread houses. Ours are loaded with candy--but I like these with just frosting because they look so much more traditional and arty.

Decorating Ideas Using String Lights & Lighted Branches

Stars are the charm of Christmas decoration, isn’t it? Whether you hang the massive stars from the ceiling or use tiny stars, Christmas decoration seems [.

Victorian Gingerbread Mansion

Victorian Gingerbread Mansion - This years gingerbread mansion is decorated with royal icing fences and rock candy trees! The windows are made of melted butterscotch candies.

Gingerbread House Ideas (and giveaway!)

Gingerbread House Ideas (and giveaway!)

This is the ultimate, classic, delicious gingerbread house recipe that actually WORKS, including all the tips and tricks you need to make baking your first gingerbread house a complete success. Free printables for A Frame gingerbread houses as well.

A thorough gingerbread house tutorial by guest poster and gingerbread house pro Nikki of Tikkido with a no-fail recipe and method!

gingerbread house in white...

Winter Wonderland If you are disappointed by the short life of baked gingerbread houses, build the appealing abodes from foam-core board. A light coat of royal icing supplies a base for architectural details composed of cake-decorating sugar shapes, fros

Dicas do DECOREI.

Run, run as fast as you can. You can't catch the Gingerbread Man! - Prim Gingerbread Men & Sweets Kitchen Tree I love Old World Christmas, and this is a cute idea!

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Dishfunctional Designs: Gingerbread House Inspiration - An amazing collection. Wonder how much we can transfer to our Rice Crispie houses?

Пряничный домик

Fairy Tale Gingerbread Thatched Roof Cottage Not your average Gingerbread House! This Gingerbread cottage is complete with a thatched roof and chimney!

fabulous centerpiece idea! wow

Christmas Gingerbread Village Table Runner (except in a house with dogs and cats, this would last exactly 1 day before it was eaten).

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