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Greece's Roadside 'Kandylakia' Shrines Are Like DIY Traffic Safety Infrastructure - CityLab

Greece's Roadside Shrines Remind Drivers to Take It Slow

roadside crosses - descansos - mark the place where people have died, probably due to an accident, New Mexico. Descansos are protected by law in New Mexico.

Roadside memorials are markers that usually commemorate a place where a person died unexpectedly and suddenly away from home.

Greek Orthodox shrine between Kastraki and Kalambaka, below Meteora.

Roadside Greek Orthodox shrines found throughout the mainland of Greece.

Roadside Shrines are often seen across Europe - a great way to stop and pay a little devotion on the road trips.

A vintage Italian postcard of a young couple presenting flowers to Mary at a road shrine.

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Roadside shrine near Sougia by amcgore