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I seriously have an answer to this.  Where all my history nerds at?!

You know you're a history fan when. (I think mine is Catherine of Aragon, though I'm really starting to appreciate "Amber Lynn" Anne of Cleeves was super lucky by not being pretty)


objection-perfection: “amroyounes: “A short history of the world around us ” This is actually ridiculous in how accurate it is.

That's true about me.

You know you're a history fan when: you feel the need to point out every historical inaccuracy in movies. I just finished critiquing the new Pompeii movie lol

I don't get the communist prop. part. In the closet? Maybe I'm looking too deep into it because I was just reading about the Bolsheviks last night?

This is my linen closet (shows you towels), and this is my lenin closet (shows you communist propaganda).

20 Rare Historical Photos...altho the 1st cant be true. It would have faded white eons ago.

20 Rare Historical Photos

Funny pictures about 20 Rare Historical Photos. Oh, and cool pics about 20 Rare Historical Photos. Also, 20 Rare Historical Photos photos.

High School Science: I thought I was pretty cool until I realized that plants can eat the sun and poop out air.

Mary, Queen of Scots last letter written before her execution. Click for the translation.

Letters of Note: last letter of Mary Queen of Scots, written just 6 hours before her execution on February 1587 (full view, French transcript, and English translation included)

I really do, ok?

You know you're a history fan when you still get upset thinking about the library of Alexandria. I totally understand. Can you just imagine the wealth of knowldge that was in it? Not necessarily a history fan but a lover of literature.


The American Revolution - Honestly you can't not have laughed at that very last comment even if you are american<<sorry for language but it was funny<<< Americans don't start fights but we can finish them.

Facebook history of the world  Hundred Years' War. Sounds about right. This may be useful for Euro...

If The Universe Had A Facebook Newsfeed, This Is What It Would Look Like

If WW1 Was A Bar Fight

Funny pictures about If World War One was a bar fight. Oh, and cool pics about If World War One was a bar fight. Also, If World War One was a bar fight.

❤️this is probably why I use it so much♠️

The word "darling" is derived from an Old English term meaning "favorite minion". you're my favorite minion. I just told my boyfriend I love being called darling.