Damn yassss it is just so true that i can even say whether that person is korean just by looking at them.

when you are too much into kpop/korean dramas

there are a lot of words in korean that sound like mandarin, taiwanese, and fewer like japanese (im not fluent in japanese yet, only learning), so i always feel like i can almost understand it but i actually cannot


That moment when you can only think of Kpop-songs instead of english songs xD

Lol! But seriously tho, it does make me sad to see the groups break up :/

This is actually really sad and true. I'm so happy whenever and exo member leaves to go back to China

nope they've been blessed

im crying<< I was confused for a second because I though it was saying that they were searching for kpop stuff and stumbled onto kpop. I'm kinda slow 😂

Wowow time to think about this for 5 hours while I try to fall asleep

I don't learn Korean, and I never actually plan to (if I do, only after I speak Japanese) but I still memorize K-pop songs because I love them

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YEEEEEEEEEEEESSSS lol it's true and from one of my favorite BTS videos (BTS style 'Hush' of Miss A)!<<< whenever I hear "K-Pop", I just slip into the room like, "You have summoned me?

This is so very true for me. I also go back a lot on a music video cuz I'm watching one member then I see another member doing something and I'm like "ooo I missed that, gotta go back."

And even thought you watched Growl 1357962456800 times, you still focus only on Sehun and Kris

So true xD

K-dramas: Boys Over Flowers, Big, You're Beautiful, Love Rain, Heartstrings

that's a correct statement!

I'm not full Korean. I'm half Korean though