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skin shader realtime render tips

Meditation 3D Art WIP by Guang Yang Guang Yang is a Character artist from shanghai, China. In this p

skin pore detailing: Meditation Art WIP by Guang Yang – Zbrushtuts

Zbrush Tutorial : How To Create Model with Realistic Skin | All CG Tutorials

How to model and texture femal realistice model with the use of zbrush software,this tutorial is helpful for zbrush texturing.

progress   http://www.zbrushcentral.com/showthread.php?57740-The-Human-Skin&p=441467&viewfull=1#post441467   // Tip

Very helpful image showing how the use of bump, diffuse and spec maps effects the model.

Tutorial by YURIALEXANDER #3d #sculpting #tutorials

Modeling,texturing & rendering skin with zbrush &vray


Skin Shader Realtime Tips 04

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SKIN: a tutorial - Part 2 by *navate Resources & Stock Images / Tutorials / Digital Art / Drawing & Painting / Photoshop *Complete with colour palette,colour swatches and supplementary links to colour theory in the artist's journal.

Как создать детализированную кожу

Learn key skin surface techniques in ZBrush from modeller and concept artist Maximilian-Gordon Vogt

Yuri Alexander - Realistic skin detail and color                              …

Yuri Alexander - Realistic skin detail and color …

Free Pack Human Skin Alphas by Celito Moura Filho CELITO MOURA FILHO is a Freelance, Storyboarder, I

Free Pack Human Skin Alphas by Celito Moura Filho - zbrushtuts