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Icon-of-Christ-our-Lord-Christ-Enthroned.jpg (633×866)

Icon-of-Christ-our-Lord-Christ-Enthroned.jpg (633×866)

Christ the Redeemer.

Russian & Lipovan Orthodox Old-Rite [Sun centered in the Firmament and the twelve constellations]

Icon of All Saints.  Copyright 1992 Steven Clark

Icon of All Saints. Copyright 1992 Steven Clark more ETs with space helmets, grist for that mill of mine

Reverendo Macario Si alguno soporta voluntariamente injusticias por Dios, él es puro en su interior (Mt 5,8). Si no desprecia a un hombre por sus llagas, él es verdaderamente un hombre libre… Isaac el Sirio. S VII

Ο Αιγυπτιος - Οσιος Μακαριος Ο Αλεξανδρευς (; - _ January 19 (((Saint Macarius of Egypt and the Cherub. Venerable Saint Macarius (ca. Scetes, Egypt) is one of the most prominent desert Fathers of the Church, known also as Macarius the Great.

ΜΡ.ΘΥ__Παναγία     Εικόνα της Παναγίας «Πάντων θλιβομένων» λειτουργεί από τον Αλέξανδρο Lavdanskogo ( Журнал некорректного изографа (фарисея и сноба по совместительству)

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