I love the unity of the colors. The white highlights almost making him glow with he contrast of the black in his hair and eyes. Very rebellious and seductive.

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Cest très sombre est mysterieux

Illustration inspiration

The glow. The Royal who gets kidnapped and stuff. The Intricate designs on her face have little pinpoints or dots in them. And those dots glow whenever she's resisting the powerful Evil of the Evil Overlord guy.

Llamo retratos similares al orden de tus fotos. Aquí te ofrezco hacer retrato Digital para foto de perfil, Avatar, cartel, evento, sitio web o negocio. Esto es sólo para no adquirir el archivo digital (Retrato de ti mismo) print(s) incluido) un mastercopy se enviará al finalizar. (3000 x 3000 pixeles) Precio en el listado es standart precio para cerrar para arriba y único retrato de la cara. Toda mi obra fue hecha con técnicas manuales en Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator. La mayoría de…

Digital portrait Vector (Custom Order)

I chose this image as inspiration since the girl has similar hair to my own and would be a good reference to how I would go about doing mine in my portrait. (Digital portrait Vector Custom Order by ImagineArtForYou on Etsy)

Ilustraciones de Matthieu Delahaie

Matthieu Delahaie

Fashion Painting by Duma Arantes

Luiz Arantes aka Duma is a Portuguese artist whose work is heavily influenced by the female form and femininity, most often presenting close ups, only offe

Coolest vector portrait ever.

Incredible Collection Of Vector Artworks

Coolest vector portrait ever.