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ESFP the other side

at work they tell me im an esfp tpp so im so chill and calm in crisis and hectic times professional drama avoider

Can I wear this on a t-shirt? It's something people should know. Lol

The ENFP more introverted of the extraverts, ENFPs resist being controlled because ENFPs are about being true to themselves. This means the ENFP is happy being independent in working or making decisions.

Actually THE highest appreciation for beauty and good food/music

Another tip for telling ENFP vs ESFP: ESFP tends to be more inclined to fun aesthetic things, ENFP tends to be more inclined to fun geeky things.

*cough*...some of these are so spot on it's scary...*cough*...working on it...hehehe. ;)

but then grudges just runs down the drain when I seek something more interesting.