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Doctor who

"My favorite story was about a man who'd live forever, but his eyes were heavy with the weight of all he'd seen." Doctor Who

Ten was alive so long and sad most of time that he grew so hard, sad, and broken. He lost everything but still won. But suffered the worst failure ever.

Winning the Time War as said by the Doctor. Sometimes winning can be a bad thing

*Cries* so much of the cries

From the top left: Donna Noble, Amy (Amelia) Pond, Clara (Oswin) Oswald, Martha Jones, River Song (Melody "Mels" Pond not a companion wife) and Rose Tyler.


Nine, Ten, and Eleven

The one who introduced me to the Doctor. The one I fell in love with. The one who became my friend was my first Doctor, but 9 was why I watched to start, and I wouldn't say 11 is my best friend, but he did become a friend)

But I have watched universes freeze and creation burn! I have seen things you wouldn't believe! I have lost things you will never understand! - 11th Doctor.

I have lost things (Rose Tyler, Donna Noble, River Song, Amy Pond, Rory Williams) you will never understand. <~~ excuse me? Amy and rory die!

:'/ tears of joy and also sadness.

Thought I was finally getting over this but nope nope nope.it makes me cry my face off every time


my heart breaks for the Doctor every time

this is heartbreaking

My feels. They hurt. Why does it hurt, Mummy? "I promised you my forever. Whether it's one day or one hundred years, it's yours." <--- This will be in my wedding vows. I don't care.

"You can't forget a Rose, they're too beautiful" The Doctor will always love Rose <3

"You can't forget a Rose, they're too beautiful" The Doctor will always love Rose >> That comment, beautiful. God I wanted that to happen so bad, I wanted Rose to come back and meet eleven and them have a scene like that.

Doctor Who?

Funny pictures about Midlife crisis. Oh, and cool pics about Midlife crisis. Also, Midlife crisis.


Amy's reaction is priceless. that awkward moment when you realize you're your best friends mother in law.


I love how having a small role on Doctor Who doesn't prevent you from getting a larger one later. Oh and don't forget, that Roman father guy in that Pompeii episode what was his name was played by Peter Capaldi, later to become the Twelfth Doctor

Doctor Who

So many feels. It hurts. :( And then you realize that the last two are the two women the eleventh Doctor loved with both his hearts! And Rose!

I feel bad for the doctor.. So many people DIED. :(

"Is alright special Time Lord code for not-really-alright-at-all?" -Donna Noble, Forest Of The Dead

Sad doctor who poem. "Why is the tardis blue?" For the Dr. who fans

Why is the TARDIS is blue? There's a sad man inside, both hearts torn in two -- Doctor Who fanart :'(

Tomorrow is Doctor Who Day so of course we had to post some amazing Doctor Who Sweets today. Sadly...

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