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RUDE!!!! I am so sad.... To many feels! DN - the day... by amanokawa.deviantart.com on @deviantART

I realized how fucking heartless i am when i laughed at how the kid fell down.And it's like so sad , serious and i frickin' laugh.

Well I guess I'm okay

L and Watari - DeathNote. OMG i will seriously hug the death out of anyone who gets this

ぐだってます…暑い…冬ってまだ?(気短) 皆さま夏バテされませんようご自愛くださいませ。

ぐだってます…暑い…冬ってまだ?(気短) 皆さま夏バテされませんようご自愛くださいませ。

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Death Note

My illustration : Photo <--- Not mine!  ;)  This is hilarious.

Mello and Near trying to be L - Death Note :D this make me incredibly happy shush

This is actually really sad looking because they're like saying goodbye for the last time and yeah nope <--- NOPE NOPE NOPE<<<Shut UP OK NOPE... Just think though Matt Mell and L will get to rest while Near is left alone.

The Wammy Boys: L. Lawliet, Mello, Near, and Matt. The brotherly love is just too sweet. How dare Kira keep them apart?