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Sailor Levi. Sailor moons attack on Titan. Funny

Fighting Titans by moon light! Cleaning things by day light. // Levi is a Sailor Scout // Attack On Titan // Sailor Moon

#BlackButler - #attackontitan crossover... :) Is it me or does #Levi look pretty tired? (눈_눈) Pobrecito :x xoxoxoxo

Black Butler - attack on titan crossover. :) Is it me or does Levi look pretty tired? (눈_눈)

Wise words from a wise person

XD I have a Levi action figure and he is chilln at the top of my fan. It's turned off for now Levi~ what." Nothing >:)))))>>>I'm not even in this fandom but this is fucking funny!

Attack on Titan

and i got my ap english test coming up. 3 essays in like 90 minutes ;

Pretty much. But I'm glad that otakus celebrate each other regardless of age. That's my take away here XD Thumbs up fam!

This happened to me on Halloween. I cosplayed as Hetalia Austria. And my friends were really confused.<<< I feel you T.

Just pray...

Funny pictures about My Work's Emergency Access Door. Oh, and cool pics about My Work's Emergency Access Door. Also, My Work's Emergency Access Door photos.

are you fucking kidding me

I guess Levi must be pretty old, considering how short he is. But the question is, how does he keep his face still so fabulous? xD>>>>> oh no. i'm pretty short

Jean is all of us right now.>>> hell yea when hurricane Irma is coming where I leave yea