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Kkk with the look of Kai XD

baekhyun running his finger down hongbin’s chest because of his revealing outfit

baehkkyun: “ baekhyun running his finger down hongbin’s chest because of his revealing outfit 😂 ”

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[N being rejected by Ravi ! He looks like he was betrayed!] about 2 seconds from making THE face.

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Listen, I know they're gorgeous, but i get Leo. Taehyung can have them all but i want leo xDD

Lol, Leo, Ravi, and Hyuk

kpop, vixx and Leo image on We Heart It

I think i just died <3 <3 <3 | allkpop Meme Center

I think i just died

I just imagine Leo is whispering, "I will murder you in your sleep" and Ken is all, "Just act cool. He can smell fear"

Thank you Suho for the demonstration; Meme Center | allkpop

"Walk in the club like Suho" lmfao crying

idol group concept, only VIXX

Actually never had a boyfriend, but this is the thought process when I want to stay single a little longer

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Run biotch! Run!

And the saga continues! | allkpop Meme Center

And the saga continues!

And the saga continues. BTS<< i couldn’t figure out which one wasn’t in oops


lol his face "yes i did now shup up and forget it ever existed o.ob we good"

i KENnot >∇< ㅎ ㅎ ㅎ © @kpopkartoffel

Thats a hard question lol

There are still others-Ren:ice prince maknae; Sungjae:dumb maknae; P.O-doesn't look like maknae maknae; Sungjong:diva maknae

Types of Maknae. ^~^ Zelo (B.P), Taemin (Shinee), Sehun (Exo), Jungkook (BTS), and last lol my favorite Kyuhyun (Super Junior)!

the Golden Maknae ^^ | allkpop Meme Center

the Golden Maknae ^^

i still can't believe woozi's older than me and i'm older than kookie

MOM AND DAD ARGUMENT | allkpop Meme Center

Hongbin😍 you make me want to stan vixx