Anything Goes - Celebrating the 20s

Handkerchief hemlines, simple pleating, dropped waist and higher hemlines - without the shake up of the fashion today would be very different

McCall 5345

McCall 5345

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Dress is similar to a patou vogue paris original

Jean Desses Day Ensemble, Bergdorf Goodman Collection at Special Collections and FIT Archive.

Antique 1920s Elite Styles Pattern 8395D Miss' Dress Bust 40 Waist 29 Hip 41 | eBay

Antique Elite Styles Pattern Miss' Dress Bust 40 Waist 29 Hip 41

Boop boop a doo.

This is a sheer overdress with beaded embroidery color illustration painting black dress pink purple embroidery flapper gatsby

1928 Flapper Dress Pattern - back ~ McCall 5369

McCall 5369

1920s dress pattern. Nice and comfortable

1920s dress pattern. Nice and comfortable, with cool pleated details

McCall 5373 1928.jpg

McCall 5373

McCall ca. Ladies'& Misses' Dress. [insert your photos of this pattern made up]

Skating elegance

Might be a Colette Stall - French fashion magazine, Art, Gout, Beaute sometime in the probably 1924 or when white was having a major fashion moment. The little touches of red and blue help keep her from blending in with the snow.